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Online reputation management utilizes excellent SEO practices

SEO we believe is in-exhaustible. We firmly believe that it has endless variety and potential to work around an online marketing strategy. But, it also is very effective in managing brand reputation online, what in other words we call online reputation management. Implementing white hat SEO practices, one can build a resounding & valuable online identity by making your website more vibrant, visible, robust and active on the internet. Why we assert with most certainty that SEO needs to be a pivotal part of your online regime is because you might be having a really high conversion on visiting traffic, and you might have a promising customer base but any leading search engine will not really rank you high in their esteem, if your brand isn’t making its due rounds on the net for all the right reasons and at the stipulated time.

SEO makes your website visible, so that it can be found through search at all the right positions on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, My Space etc. Now if you wonder how does it help in making or marring your reputation, here is how?

• Search users firmly believe that a website that auto populates itself and draws their conscious mind is a really promising one! Thus SEO is your online PR.

• Also, visitors who are browsing and searching for information get attracted to the findings that are on the top, i.e., leading the rest.

• SEO grants and guarantees prominence, visibility, good SERP rankings, and timely and appropriate buzz around the brand.

• Again, if you’re in the leading rank, then it is easy to combat any negative events that arise online. Thus, consistent white hat SEO snubs these issues that arise with ease, maintaining for your brand, a flawless online reputation.

SEO and online reputation management have been used interchangeably, yet they are not one in the same. In actuality, there are two distinct differences:

  • SEO techniques drive negative search engine results down the page, whereas online reputation management monitors and controls the top spots.
  • SEO focuses on search engines, whereas Internet reputation management focuses on the business or person

You can guarantee that many of your customers will search for your business reputation prior to purchasing your products or using your service. Business owners that do not practice online reputation management often happen upon negative feedback by chance. They may have been searching their business name on Google and come up with negative results, which puts them into a flurry of panic. SEO techniques are then used to drive these negative results down the first page or two of search engine results. Although SEO techniques will move the negative results, they will still appear in the results of search engines.

In contrast, when a company practices corporate reputation management, these negative results never see the top of the page or may not appear in search engines at all. This is because companies such as monitor and control your name as it appears in the top spots of the search engines. Negative results have a much more difficult time of gaining traction when you focus on online reputation management.

SEO caters to search engines, and the techniques used are to attract robots, spiders, and links to other websites. The targeted outcome of SEO is for search engines to broadcast your business name across the Web.

Internet reputation management focuses on the person or business that is seeking to manage reputation. Building user profiles on social networking websites or creating a blog and frequently updating it are examples of managing your online reputation. Rather than have the business wait for the negative, the focus is always on building a consistent, positive online reputation. With online reputation management, if negative results do show up in top spots, techniques can be used to remove those results much faster than simple SEO.

Online reputation management maintains a positive flow of information directly aimed at the areas where your customers will be searching. A reputation management company will always keep the focus on you and your evolving profile. At the same time, a business reputation management company will monitor the deep Web for any negative feedback and use their expertise to combat it.

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